Facture specializes in finding and partnering with top manufacturers in China to conjointly developing new cooperatively-owned brands that sell to western markets. Our products have been featured in Forbes, Wired, WSJ, Yahoo, PC World, & MacWorld, as well as several books including “Crowdfund Investing for Dummies” & “iPad Secrets”. In addition, we’ve worked with top brands like Blackberry (NASDAQ BBRY) to design and develop ODM & OEM products.


The nature of venture capital & venture funding for consumer products is being drastically disrupted by eastern manufacturers in China now developing products which are as good as or better than products designed by western companies and brands. The competitive landscaped has now shifted to the East. The maturing and shrinking markets of Apple, GoPro, etc, and the eastern market expansions of Samsung, Xiaomi, & Huawei are examples of these new market trends.

Facture is built on these new shifting market forces. Eastern companies are developing, engineering, & manufacturing products that are as good as or better than their western counterparts. We partner with these manufacturers to help sell their products directly to the western market.

Facture has partnered with various top manufacturers in China to develop co-owened brands. We are proud to be leading the charge in this new emerging trend in international business.